Die geheimnisvollen Inseln

short fiction, 23 min, 2021

A young man is stranded on the riverside, waiting for a message. He observes couples strolling around during sunset, looking at shut down cruise ships - and gets himself some candy.

Title: Die geheimnisvollen Inseln
English Title: Islands in the City
Language: German
Format: HD-Video, 16:9, Colour
Duration: 22:58 min
Year: 2020-2021

mit / starring
Marian Freistühler
Nils Timm
Pavlo Dalakishvili

Screenplay, Directing, Editing: Marian Freistühler
Director of Photography: Julian Gillmann
Additional Camera: Lukas Treudler
Sound Recording: Erik Merlin Kierzek, Ruben Christiansen
Sound Design, Sound Mixing: Cornelius Wilkening
Colour Grading: Eric Giese
Titles: Alexandra Woermann
Graphic Design: Anna-Lena Cychy
produced by: Ohne Falsch Film Freistühler & Wallochny GbR

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