short fiction, 6 min, 2016
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Shot on analogue 16mm film, STUDIO examines facets of surfaces, materiality, traces and marks. Confronting film studio and gym, the film deals with emotional as well as physical exposure. Everything becomes a performance: actions, emotions, expectations and gender.

Duration: 05:55 min
Language: none
Format: 16 mm, b/w, 4:3
Year: 2016

Buch & Regie / written & directed by: Marian Freistühler
Bildgestaltung / DOP: Roxana Reiss
Kamera-Assistenz / 1st AC: Olga Kosanovic
Licht / Best Boys: Julian Gillmann, Oliver Bassemir, Maurice Bender
Ton / Sound: Dorian Hehn
Maske & Kostüm / Costumes & Make-Up: Claudia Scheffel
Montage / Editing: Patrick Wallochny
Regie-Assistenz / 1st AD: Katharina Lüdin
Produktionsassistenz / PA: Jasmin Luu
Springer / Runner: Jannes Martin
Grafik & Typografie / Typography: Johannes Menzel
Produktion / produced by: Ohne Falsch Film Freistühler & Wallochny GbR

mit / starring
Jakob Fliess, Oliver Bassemir, Jan Breuer, Marco Kühn, Daniel Hopp, Krystina Savutina, Julian Grönefeld, Alina Hellmons, Holger Albrecht, Hildegund Pawlowski

Studios as Shelters

by Marian Freistühler

Studios of all kinds are often characterised by their hermetic separation from the outside world to allow a certain type of concentration within them. For example to watch a movie, to record a band, to do sport or simply to get a nice tan. Everything that is created or generated within these spaces is not supposed to stay there but to step over the threshold sooner or later and present itself to the outside.

Regarding the constantly growing number of fitness centres (german: Fitnessstudio) in our cities one can conclude an increasing demand for work outs. This trend seems especially remarkable against the backdrop of highly digitalised everyday lifes where people are moving inside of virtual spaces more and more. Hence, the trend of physical training can be understood as a means to compensate the un-physical daily routine which much rather seems to be focused on the eye and the intellect than on the body.

On the other hand, we use digital media to underline our own presence and availability. It equips us with the ability to create content, to share and spread, to publish, thus to shape the images of ourselves and how we want to be seen. At this point I would like to sum up that a) we act in virtual spaces more and more, b) externalise/relieve physical work/bodily functions, thus c) feel the need to compensate this by re-connecting to our bodies with a conscious way of life (fitness, organic, vegetarian food, yoga etc) to finally d) make this way of life public via social media.

This omnipresent public directed my attention to studios as a kind of shelter where we work intimately on ourselves on different levels to prepare for the subject-less gaze in our public routine.

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