Something Unexpected

short fiction, 12 min, 2018
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Something Unexpected was shot in Iceland. In its first half, it is dedicated to the constant movement through different urban spaces and oral stories. The second part, in contrast, celebreates the standstill alongside the motif of interrupted actions.

#onceuptonatime #inthefuture #interruption #imagination #storytelling #bonfire #standstill #extinction #process #sleep #coloursonconcrete #unfinished #bodies and spaces #tracking shots #sculptures #anthropocene #mid-atlantic ridge #apocalypse

Title: Something Unexpected
Duration: 12 min
Language: english
Format: FHD, colour, 16:9
Year: 2018

a film by Marian Freistühler

Camillo Ritter, Anne Mayer, Milagros Güemes, Florence Schreiber, Ricardo Othoniel Muniz Gutierrez, Kristin Sandström, Chenxi Zhong, Benjamin Pompe, Kristina Flint, Eugenia Herstein, Ingrid Wennemo,

Nina Bruchhaus, Anna Líndal, Sigurður Guðjónsson
About – Imagination, Storytelling, Interruption, Pause

While thinking about the Anthropocene, the era of humankind, I fell in love with the imagination of our species coming to an end. I like to romanticise the picture of facing extinction hand in hand – which is obviously a very theoretical or poetic perspective on a rather unpleasant incident. The closest we can get to a world without or after humans is probably to go out at night when everybody is in their beds, satisfying the bodies’ need to recover. This is when nature and animals have their rest from humankind.

Against the backdrop of constant performance, perfection, growth and expanding, the pause or interruption strikes me as an interesting motif. Humankind certainly is not used to stopping on its way unless it is forced to do so. One remarkable example for such an incident certainly is the financial crisis we have experienced as of 2007. Something Unexpected is supposed to have its first showing in the beautiful building of Laekningaminjasafn which has not been finished due to this very crisis. It is now sleeping, facing a great landscape and the Atlantic Ocean, waiting for something to happen.

Interruption is what this film will be about. Film as a time-based medium is always dealing with duration, with a development, with movement making it a genuinely suitable form to deal with the motif of interruption and standstill as a contrast. In its first half, the film will be on the move, constantly following a person or an action. In its second half, it will calm down and rest along with the characters and their actions.

I believe that imagination and storytelling are profound reasons for us to always be on the move to something or somewhere, pursuing an idea or a goal. To my mind, they are characterizing the human species and therefore the Anthropocene. We are able to reflect on ourselves in different situations, experienced as well as only imagined ones. We can picture our future but also a future without us. My fascination about this issue is obviously already insinuated by the title Something Unexpected. Films are often triggering the spectator’s imagination and telling stories, and so will this film – but interrupted ones.
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