Staging Virtuality 

short performance, 2016
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This stage can be anything you wish to imagine (excerpt from the performance)

May I ask you to look underneath your chair? What you see there is a flat and simple floor, allowing you and me to arrange seating however we desire. In your case, the producers took freedom to set the disposition. You probably notice tough, that the stage floor doesn’t differ from the floor, your chair stands on. Maybe that is because you are on stage.

The design of this particular theatre space focuses heavily on practical measures. That is for example why the producers borrowed headphones to create a personal atmosphere with as little distraction from what you are about to see and hear as possible. But there is even more to the setting of this stage. For example: the lighting. There are two parabolic aluminized reflector lights with colour gels in each corner of this improvised space, plus one laser pointer. The dark part of the stage, the part we cannot see, because it has a partition wall in front of it, later on, is an Off – as in “off stage”.

This is where Luisa, the performer, is staying right now. And with her stays a fog machine. Well, since we are at it, what else is there to create illusions? The beamer, … Ah, and the microphone I am using of course.

Title: Staging Virtuality
Duration: 20-30 min
Language: German & English
Premiere: 5 May 2016, Performersion - Days of Performing + Immersive Arts, Berlin
Konzept, Inszenierung / Concept, Directing: FRE (Jakob Freese, Marian Freistühler, Jessica Hölzl)

Luisa Gafron

Fotos von Daviel Alonso García